​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sunrise School of Nursing offer a State approved Nursing Assistant training program, which provides the best and affordable quality education possible. The Program is designed to prepare Nursing Assistants to be professionals in the nursing field, competent in the skills of patient care, and to understand the role and responsibility of certified nurse assistant. The training program for the Nurse Assistant meets the criteria approved by the California Department of Public Health. The completion of the Program qualifies the Student to obtain a Certification of completion from the program and is eligible to take the State Licensing Exam for the Certified Nurse Assistant.
The program is designed for individuals seeking entry-level employment in Health Care, and provides the prerequisites required to prepare to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse or a Registered Nurse.  Certified Nursing Assistants work in different areas of the Health Care Industry such as Hospitals, Home Health Care, Hospice, Skilled Care Facilities under the Supervision of a Stated Licensed Nurse.  Certified Nurse Assistant career can be a very rewarding and challenging one, and will set the platform for the rest of the Nursing Profession.

1. 3050 Fite Circle, Suite 202, Sacramento, Ca 95827

2. 24452 Health Center Drive, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

​3. 525 Auto Center Dr, Watsonville, CA


Please contact the school to schedule a visit, we are following the CDC and CDPH guidelines on Hand washing, wearing face masks and Social Distancing.

  • Temperature checks done for all employees and students everyday
  • ​Surgical Masks provided
  • Disinfecting equipment before and after procedures
  • ​Standard precautions observed 
  • Transmission based precaution enforced